Fish & Game New Zealand

Anglers & Hunters for Conservation

Fish & Game NZ manages, maintains and enhances sports fish and game birds, and their habitats, in the best long-term interests of present and future generations of anglers and hunters. We are a not-for-profit organisation, funded through the sale of fishing and hunting licences.

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We should be passionate about the environment. It is a place where we lived in that is why we should always protect it. We should not forget to pay special taxes for the preservation of our environment, since wildlife is also essential to us. We need to educate the people of their importance so that they will be aware of the things that they should do in order to preserve it. One of the best ways to explore the ocean is through angling. Well, anglers enjoy most of their times outdoors, which could, at the same time, release stress. Nothing is more exciting than being alive while enjoying the environment.

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And of course, we also need to support wildlife and fisheries management to maintain the wildlife population. We should make sure that even if we are enjoying the body of the ocean, the creatures under it are also protected. And of course, we should also wear appropriate dress for us to be comfortable. We could avail of the jabong sale and buy lots of attires for angling at a reasonable cost.

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The law requires that we should pay for licenses for us to be allowed to fish. The money we pay could greatly contribute to the conservation of our environment. And that what makes anglers help the sea! In fact, they are the people who are more aware of the importance of cleanliness not just in water, but also in air. They are proud to preserve and protect our environment, valuable habitat, as well as natural communities. And it is amazing because they are doing it not just for entertainment, but also to save the earth. Probably, this kind of activity is a stress relief. The time spent outdoors is just like a freedom to most of them.

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News & Events

Hawke's Bay Regional Council under fire for river stand

The group asking for a Water Conservation Order for Hawke’s Bay’s Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers is disappointed the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has come out against the initiative, describing the move as “baffling.”


Fishing hots up at Lake Rotorua stream mouths

The fishing at Lake Rotorua stream mouths is firing for anglers as trout congregate at the cool water coming out of the streams.


Game bird hunters raise money to support World Wetlands Day

New Zealanders who want to help protect some of the country’s most important environmental areas are urged to buy the latest Fish & Game habitat stamp being launched today (Tuesday 2 Feb, 2016) to mark World Wetlands Day.


Fish & Game leads community effort to save threatened Marlborough wetland

Marlborough’s largest surviving wetland is being restored through the efforts of hunters, an international winemaker, Fish & Game, DoC and conservation minded community volunteers.


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